Saturday, March 3, 2007

I love the Internet

Chickadee by Paula
Originally uploaded by momma_pajama_art.
So, I'm checking the responses to my latest poems on Chickadee Chatter and a woman writes that she thinks I'll like her latest painting . . . it's of a chickadee. And, I do like it, don't you? Her blog -- Momma Pajama -- is in my Bird Blog roll now. Her other bird paintings were just as charming!

I had a good day today. We did a lot of nothing much and I got a few projects done. The first one was to paint the ugly shed in the backyard.



Thankfully, this was only phase one of beautifying this ugly shed. Phase two will be to get some wine barrels and some climbing guides and plant something pretty and climbing to hide most of it. The green is just to be a better backdrop than the ugly faded beige was. I hate spray painting though. It gets everywhere. Blech.

Still, it feels good to get a project done! The other one was somewhat less satisfying . . . we went shopping for some new pants for Greg. He's going on a business trip on Tuesday and I realized that he really doesn't have what he needs clothing-wise. We had fun though -- it's so nice doing trips like this with the kids now that they are older. When they were little we always had to plan around naps and moods and take strollers and diaper bags and . . . ahhhhh! I'm so over that now!

So, a quiet Saturday. I saw some great birds in the backyard -- nothing special just noisy, silly Chickadees, brave Juncos, California Towhees, and a Pygmy Nuthatch. So cute!


Mary said...

That's a very cute chickadee!

Saturdays are great for running errands, shopping, and getting an outdoor project done like painting the shed.

mon@rch said...

I agree with mary! Very cute chickadee! Looks like it was done with watercolors (my fave of paints)! Glad you didn't do much except your phase 1 of your shed project! I spent my day not doing what I wanted but worked on getting my truck feeling better!! (I hate vehicles)! Today its snowing, ugg! Hope you enjoy your Sunday!

robin andrea said...

What a great little chickadee. I have always wished I could paint like that. It's probably why I take photographs.