Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Pop Culture Revue

I forgot to get a Mega Millions ticket yesterday. I hear that two people won the $370 million. We bought one when it was $256 million. I think a dollar for a dream is a bargain. Greg and I talked a little bit about what we would do. We've played this game so often that we don't even need to talk about what we'd do for US -- we found ourselves talking about what we'd do for others. Getting our sisters established in their own homes. Making sure that our parents were retired in comfort. Setting up a foundation for public education for the schools in our community. Funding the pipe dream real estate project for a friend that we believe in and have helped with his project for 3 years. Heck, that would barely put a dent in it. Fun to dream about what we'd do if money truly were no object! (Which is not to say that I don't have deep, dark fears about what that sort of money would do to me and my offspring as well.)

I forgot to watch American Idol last night. AHHHHH! Greg is out of town and my whole schedule is out-of-whack. I don't sleep well when he's away. Both kids are sick anyway so I wouldn't have wanted them staying up late. I avoid the mainstream media for the most part so it was news to me that Antonella Barba has some trashy pictures circulating the internet. I have to say in all the hype that I read last night, I kept thinking about her parents and how sad they must be to see their daughter selling herself so cheaply by allowing pictures like that to exist. I don't think the girl can sing well enough and I don't think she should still be on the show but I feel really badly for her parents. Also, in the course of my late night surfing, I stumbled onto the existence of a website called Vote for the Worst. They pick the one or two singers they think are the worst on AI and encourage people to vote for them to up the drama on the show. Antonella is their pick right now. All that aside, I didn't care for her attitude. It seems very clear -- from the way she interacts with the judges -- that she thinks she's doing just great and doesn't need to do anything different. Now, maybe that's a brave front and I'm misjudging her (remember that I haven't seen last night's show -- yay for TiVO) but add all this together and she is not someone that I care to watch much more of this season.

Blogger vs. WordPress. In my avoidance of work, surfing the internet to avoid missing my husband, blur last night, I decided to play with WordPress and see what I thought of it. I kind of like it. There are a few features that I like a lot better than Blogger. The most important to me is the ability to see your recent comments -- I'm forever stumbling back through posts to see if I missed any comments -- but I didn't like getting emailed everytime I got a comment either. So, that's a big one for me that would be useful. I'm impressed with how easy it was to set up and import all my old blogger posts. I think I could even import my really old posts from back when I used TypePad with no difficulty which would include my really, really old Blogger posts and give a complete history back for several years. That would be nice -- just for me, not for anyone else, probably. Anyway, my question is this . . . what do you like about the platform you are using? What do you like or dislike about reading blogs on the other platform?
Oh, and you can see what I've done so far -- should you have nothing better to do:

Egret's Nest

Chickadee Chatter

Quick child update . . . Gage is responding well to the antibiotics -- yay! Ruthie's cough is getting worse -- boo! And, I woke up with one eye gummed shut this morning -- boo! I hope we can hang on to some semblance of health well enough to get through this week. Fingers crossed!


Jody said...

Thanks sis! (We play the same game. The kids' educations would be fully funded...ahhhh...isn't that a nice thought?) Anyway, hope everyone feels better soon. Love the pictures of Ruby.

mon@rch said...

Very cool you are looking at switching over to wordpress! Will check out what you have done!

Mary said...

Liza, your take on American Idol is the same as mine - Antonella deserves the boot. The guys aren't impressing me at all and I think that young boy with the name that begins with an S needs booting, too. I love Stephanie, Melinda, Lakisha, and Gina so far. We'll see what happens tonight!

I've only been blogging for five months and I'm not ready for another platform. Blogger has given me many headaches but since I was forced to switch to the new Blogger, things have gone fairly well. I probably just jinxed myself...

Hope everyone stays healthy!

amarkonmywall said...

Happy birthday a bit late, dear friend. Quick, move to wordpress. I'm confident if you do you'll be able to help me beef up my wordpress site! I like wordpress I guess. I don't know that CSS stuff and if I did I could customize my column width and get larger images- but otherwise, it's fine.

Glad the kiddos are on the mend.

Yes. To win the lottery. For the very first time ever I would give some money to a presidential campaign. Not a lot but enough to say I appreciate the spirit of hope.

The rest would be under the mattress. :-)