Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Ruby Tuesday: Happy Birthday To Me!

Ruby Tuesday

Quick Birthday Report and then it's "all Ruby; all the time."

It's a good thing my day on Sunday was wonderful because Monday wasn't that great a birthday. The kids woke up in foul moods (okay, okay, they are both sick but still . . . ). Gage has an ear infection and was one miserable kid. Ruth just didn't want to go to school and I was gonna pay for it. Sigh. My scale was not kind to me (subject for another post). No one wished my happy birthday until I was already wracked with Mommy-Guilt about Gage's ear and how much trouble it was going to be for him to stay home go to the doctor. Sigh. But things got better once I was at work. They know how to party at a school. Half-the-staff (only a slight exaggeration) are Pisces and so we had a lot of birthdays smashed together to celebrate but they picked Monday to celebrate so I got to feel a little extra special. Singing. Cake. Lots of well-wishing. Being told I was too young to complain about my age. That's all it takes! :) Even my 4th grade math class sang to me -- so sweet! Met Greg and Gage at the doctor's office. We're treating the ear with OTC but I have a prescription if I need it. Greg had to go run his errands after school so off he went. He suggested chinese food so I didn't have to cook which was FINE with me. We had a nice chinese dinner in front of TV. And then I got Greg packed for his trip (he leaves today for Boston) and then I got very indulgent and played computer games (we're setting up an older Mac for the kids with a bunch of fun, older games that they are finally old enough to play). At around midnight, Gage came in with a sore ear again -- bad enough to wake him up. Meds, meds, meds and a round of sitting on Mom's lap before he could get to sleep again. I'm going to fill the prescription today. Poor kidlet.

Now, on to Ruby.

Ruthie took this photo -- cute, huh?

Ruby is such a delight. Here's what I like about her and her breed.
  • She's mellow around the house. Her favorite thing to do is curl up in a ball on your lap. Woe be unto those who disturb her princess-ness, baleful glances will come your way.
  • She's playful. She's feeling comfy at our house now and with the kids and she is playful and silly. She LOVES balls. We got her a teeny-tiny tennis ball and she loves to chase it around the house. Ruth played with her for a good 1/2 hour last night and they both had a blast.
  • She's naughty! She can. not. stop. getting. tissues. out. of. the. trash. But when caught, she immediately rolls over submissively and shows her belly, all but whimpering how wrong she is -- but five minutes later, back in the trash again. Naughty thing!
  • She's finally chillin' about the kids. Kids scared her but she's gotten used to mine now. Hey, they scare me sometimes too! :) She'll still chose Greg or me to sit with first but if we tell her no thanks, she'll go jump up with Ruthie as a distant third -- two weeks ago, that would have been impossible.
  • She's hell on squirrels. I have four of the fattest, sassiest squirrels you've ever seen. They plant themselves on my feeders and chow down. They eat SO much and then cart even more off and bury it. They keep the birds away. They'll rip feeders down and destroy them. Rotten little hoodlums. But no more. Ruby is on the job. It's amazing. She watches for them. She's absolutely silent on the hunt. Thankfully, they always have a 5 or more foot head start on her because she gets so close to catching them. She is absolutely serious about these squirrels. Instincts are amazing and powerful.
  • Oh, yea, and she's really cute and she loves to give kisses!


robin andrea said...

Happy birthday to you! Glad you had some time to celebrate. It must be grand to have a classroom of 4th graders sing to you.

Hope Gage's ear infection clears up. Those can be very painful.

Ruby's disposition reminds me exactly of our friends' rat terrier, zuma. Even down to that baleful look when awoken from her favorite lap-nap. Ruby is adorable.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday again, Liza! Glad your day was good at school, but Oh, I remember ear infections in my daughter. It was pure hell for her and me, too. Hope Gage is better soon.

Ruby is adorable. Isn't it nice to have a dog again? And she's doing a great job squirreling. Chloe (my oldest BT) had a yard full of them and she took care of it! I remember her stalking like a stealth and positioning herself under a weeping willow for hours, waiting for the chase to begin.

mon@rch said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love the Ruby Tuesday thing! Very cute photos!

Susan Gets Native said...

Ug. Ear infections. There's a new medicine that is an antibiotic liquid that goes in the ear, but I can't get my peds to prescribe it. But they are free with the "pink stuff".
Get better, Gage.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Ruby is too cute.

Liza Lee Miller said...

We got the pink stuff -- but Gage likes the taste! :) GO figure! He's doing better already, thank goodness. Ruthie's cough is now getting worse. It never rains but it pours!

vicki said...

She is very very cute- agreed! And I'm sorry you had such a mundane ear ache-y birthday with the children. I'm thinking Wednesday is going to be a good getting over the hump day for you. In the meantime- Happy happy birthday!

Liza Lee Miller said...

Thanks everyone for all the well-wishing! You guys rock!

Lynne said...

I get that Ruby Tuesday song in my head whenever you share a picture of your cute Ruby! Love it! Hope your kidlets get better soon.