Sunday, March 4, 2007

Moving along the project

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This morning, Greg asked me what I wanted to do about my birthday. His gift to me is still my camera! :) But he wanted to help the kids get something for me. My mind was still on the painting I did yesterday and I suggested getting the wine barrels set up. So, we did.

Of course, the kids had to tell me that they were going to give me some stinky, old, used socks for my birthday first. Aren't I raising little angels?

We went off together -- all of us, including Ruby. In one of the nearby towns, there is a nursery that sells wine barrels -- 2 for $40. I have been coveting them for years. Well, today was my day. We got two barrels, three big bags of soil, and some geraniums.

The barrels are real wine barrels -- the ones we got had red wine in them. They are fresh from the winery and just cut in half. That's it. So, there is still a strong red wine smell to them and they are full of mold and mildew that's been growing on them. But they are huge and beautiful. When we got home, Greg moved them to the backyard and I hosed them out and then bleached them and hosed them out again. They looked great but I must say the aroma of red wine and bleach is an interesting one.


The next step was drilling holes in the bottom of the barrels for drainage. Needless to say, I called on my big, strong, burly, manly men and told them to bring power tools. They came running!

Next, I filled them with the soil and called the kids to help me plant. We dug and planted the beautiful little geraniums (really pelargoniums rather than scented geraniums) and watered them in.

Finished for now!

geraniums in a wine barrel

Throughout the day, I kept getting distracted by the birds. They could care less that I was out in the yard -- or even standing within arms reach of the feeders. The feeders are outside my kitchen window and therefore are very close to our deck and back door. These brave little birds were coming and visiting and chirping at me despite my proximity.

Nuthatch and Chickadee

Pygmy Nuthatch

Ruby also stayed with me for the entire project -- Ruthie took this picture of her. She's wonderful company!


NatureWoman said...

Happy early Birthday Liza! What a nice photo of you!
It's fun to see your barrel progress and finally filled with flowers - how pretty! Can't wait to fill my own flower pots!!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday, Liza! That's the kind of day that's special on the eve of one's birthday. Geraniums already? Wow.

mon@rch said...

Happy Birthday!!
I wonder who taught the kids the sock thing?? Only kidding!! Looks like they took very good care of you and your husband did good! Enjoy your day!

sarala said...

Happy birthday. I wish I could start doing my flower containers. We still have snow everywhere. Winter is too long here.

LauraHinNJ said...

Happy birthday in case I dont "see" you tomorrow!

Great gift of a day to spend with your family planting flowers - I'm so jealous - won't see geraniums here for at least 2 1/2 months!

Susan Gets Native said...


Happy Birthday!!!!!

Lynne said...

Happy happy birthday Liza- hpoe you have a wonderful day! :)

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday!
Your project came out very well, and so much willing help, I am impressed.