Monday, September 4, 2006

Allergen Report

Well, I'm taking twice my daily dose of Claritin-D and putting the little allergen factory out on the porch to "enjoy the fresh air" everyday. I only needed my rescue inhaler once yesterday -- and it was more preventative than anything. Ruth thinks its all going great but we'll have to have a painful talk about how Mom can't live this way. She'll be sad but perhaps we'll find a different piggie that works for us.

The other side of things is that Checkers is a perfect pet for Ruthie. This piggie is tolerant to the nth degree. Ruthie carries her around, talks to her, cuddles her, sings to her, and curled up in a chair and read her 6 books yesterday afternoon. The piggie is unflappable.

She did escape while playing with Ruthie though. They were on the rug in the family room and Checkers looked at the dark opening under the TV hutch and ran. Hilarious. We finally got her out with no one traumatized. Of course, Ruthie is trying to "train" her not to go under there again. We watch a lot of Dog Whisperer in the house and Ruthie was using his techniques on the guinea pig. :)

So that's the news here from Allergy Central!


Betsy said...

I'm with Greg - I'd bet that she'll get a different pet as a, um, consolation prize out of the deal!

And if it's any consolatioin for you - you're lucky that you can still buy Claritin-D - here in Oregon, it's now available only via prescription (all products with pseudoephedrine are.)

-llm. said...

Yea, I think so too but I'm postponing the inevitable. We'll try having me hold a few of the little buggers so that we can see how it goes.

We can still buy pseudoephedrine products in CA but we are made to feel like criminals. They scan your id, you can only buy a single box at a time, and they are pretty much only sold at drugstores now. I can't get it at Safeway anymore. I kind of wish it would go to prescription at this point. Then I could get it delivered to my house and not have to make an extra stop for it.

Stepping down off the soapbox! :)