Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Snapshot in my mind

As a parent, I have often longed for a camera in my brain. There are just too many times when grabbing a camera would destroy the moment but you long to record the moment for ever. I suppose if I were a talented artist, I could "download" the image from my brain for posterity but I'm not.

Friday night, we had a big day. Picked the kids up from school, drove over to Scotts Valley to deposit a check and run a couple of errands, came home and fed them junk food (Lunchables -- blech!), and then ran down to town again to sign them up for this session of soccer club. So, the evening was a weird one. We put the kids to bed -- as we often do -- with a sense of relief that we'll get a touch of quiet, peaceful, couple time. We curled up on the couch to watch something adult on TiVO -- oh, don't think it was something racy -- just something not approved for the under 8 crowd! :)

When I got up to put on jammies and make us popcorn at one point, I had to call Greg to see something. He was tired but came willingly.

The kids had made an elaborate block fort between Gage's bed and the Lego table. Ruthie had brought her pillows and blankie and was sleeping in it on the floor. We looked at each other and decided "What the heck". Greg got her a quilt and covered her up and we left them there. Impromptu sleepover. :)

I have this beautiful image in my mind of both of my children sleeping near each other in a wooden block fort they created -- so happy with each other that they wanted to be near each other and keep that good feeling going.

I think that is my answer to all the people who looked at the hugely pregnant me with my arms full of 18 mos old Ruth and shook their heads disbelievingly and said, "Well, you'll have your hands full." Yes, I did have my hands full, no doubt about it, but my kids are friends with each other and play together beautifully. And, that gives me a little extra joy in my heart.

Kids playing football with the neighbors


LauraHinNJ said...

Nice snapshot - thanks for sharing it.

-llm. said...

My pleasure! :)