Monday, September 18, 2006

Not sure what is going on

with me and the blogging thing.

I just know that it's not happening. Is it the start of school and changing my routine? Is it a general dissatisfaction with my life caused by school and work (or lack thereof), is my blogging career (ha!) over? What is going on with me?

Can't say. I do know that this is one of those times in my life when lots of things feel like they are on hold. My job is totally on hold and is stressing me out. We are refinancing our house which is stressful and makes us feel like we're on hold until it's resolved. This whole school year feels on hold to me -- I won't finish my credential until early December and but then the rest of the school year I'll be working part-time and I don't know it just feels wrong somehow. Everyone tells me to enjoy it but . . . to be honest, I'm not enjoying it.

Sigh. I'm just feeling lost and adrift, I guess. Hopefully focus will come soon. Maybe I'll have to force focus and contentment. Yea, that'll work.

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Susan Gets Native said...

Don't worry...when you stop drifting, we will be waiting.
Boy, can I relate to things being on hold.
Since I started at RAPTOR, the house and everything else it seems, has been on the back burner.