Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Changing Rythyms

A summer of more relaxed schedules and then a week of school followed by three days of relaxed schedule again. Is it any wonder that my mind (and body, for that matter) are rebelling slightly at the thought of getting up early (WHY is that alarm going off???), making breakfast and lunches, rousting and riding kids, and all the stuff that a school day entails?

Yesterday was a total play hooky day. Greg and I did very little that could be legitimately called productive. I did load the dishwasher and I did move a single load of laundry through and I kept three to four children fed all day (which is not an easy task these days -- they are growing and hungry!). But, mostly, I sort of mentally hibernated in front of my computer.

When you work in front of a computer, it is a convenient place to hide out on those "I just don't wanna do anything" days (you did insert the mental whine in that didn't you? If not, go back and do it now). I remember when I worked in an office with a door that closed and all that good stuff, I used that hide in plain sight method to great effect. You could research things on the internet for hours and appear to be working productively. Standing up and stretching periodically while saying, "Phew! I can't believe how much I'm getting done!" really adds to the illusion that you are the most productive person on the planet.

I don't think Greg and I really thought we were fooling anyone -- except maybe the kids. The whole "Mom's working" thing can create some space that is important for work-at-home parents.

But, today, the game is over. I have to really get to work today. I am not student teaching this week (at least not much anyway). I am planning and organizing and meeting and . . . yes . . . researching. My schoolwork has to get organized and calendared and moved forward and my new job as Math Coordinator starts next Monday and that needs to be figured out too. So, summer is over. The mornings are getting cooler. It's dark now when I get up at 6am. And, I have to get to work.

Heavy sigh! Summer is a wonderful time of year!

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