Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Picking up the new motorhome

We picked it up today. It was hard to wait while Greg went in and paid the man and went through the whole thing in excrutiating detail! :) Somehow we managed though!

It's ours!

The kids rode in the double front seat on the way home. We stopped at KFC and got a bucket of chicken and went to a local park to eat in the motorhome. Greg's parents drove us over and had dinner with us. What a celebration!

After the kids were in bed, Greg and I went out and just sat and talked out in the motorhome in the driveway! HURRAY!


Susan Gets Native said...

As a chick whose parents ALWAYS had a motorhome or two, I know the thrill of having one to call your own. They are awesome. The mental image of you two sitting in it after the kids were down made me smile.

-llm. said...

We're so excited. The kids did their homework out there yesterday. Greg and I have had several snacks and long talks out there. So fun and it's not even out of the driveway. :)

Prussian-Tea said...

Oh, I just love the motorhome you bought. It looks so fun and funky. Definitely something that my family and I would probably live in for a few months [parked in the driveway]. Heck, one of the boys said he'd live in a tent trailor if we bought one [I'm considering the offer]. :)