Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Chickadees love my homemade Suet

November 1. Start of Project Feederwatch.

I'll be starting late this year though. November 1. Day of utter insanity for me. Day when I stayed up until 1:30am processing a videotaped lesson that has to get onto DVD and be fed-exed off the next day. Day when we are supposed to be packing up to go camping. Day when . . .

So, here is an archived photo of a Chickadee at my feeders. I took this picture and it is recognizable as the bird that it is. So, there ya go. You easterners and mid-westerners, meet the Chestnut-Backed Chickadee. The most frequently seen bird in my backyard. In the winter, I'll have upwards of 30 of them swarming my feeders. They are cheerful, greedy little things and utterly charming. They get so used to us and the feeders that they'll fly in and chirp at me that I'm not moving fast enough when I fill the feeders in the morning. We'll get other birds, no doubt, but these little cuties are my year-round staple bird. Without fail, I'll see bunches everyday. (Except when I'm doing The Big Sit, of course! :).

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Anonymous said...

Would you share your suet cake recipe? I have one recipe but it's too crumbly to form a cake.