Wednesday, November 8, 2006

I voted!

I voted yesterday and I'm proud of it. I have missed maybe 2 elections in my adult life. In my very first election, I voted for Dianne Feinstein in her mayoral recall election -- I've been proud to vote for her everytime since then. A classy smart lady!

I'm over the moon with how the voting went -- particularly on the national level. Taking back the House! HUGE!

In California, we have a statewide sense of humor. The Governator is back but he's got all Dems to deal with now from Lt Governor on down except for Insurance Commissioner. But, Iw as disappointed in our Proposition results. A modest ($50/parcel) property tax to benefit education was voted down as was our landmark taxes on oil and cigarettes. (However, they did pass in my county which is not a surprise -- we're mighty liberal here, folks!)

Still and all, though, this is a day for celebration, dancing in the streets. An election unstolen. An election where the voters turned out and spoke their minds. Groundbreaking change is coming. Pelosi will be our first woman Speaker of the House. Hurrah! The Senate was nearly taken cleanly and may yet be won.

A message was sent. Is the fool in the White House listening?


BEG said...

"An election unstolen" ... I like that! And yes, the results have been very gratifying overall.


Susan Gets Native said...

All of us over here in Ohio are dancing in the streets in our underwear, we are so happy!

-llm. said...

Loving that image! Needless to say here in godless, decadent California, we are NAKED street dancing with joy!

Okay, not really, but there was much glee when a teacher came in the staff room at lunch yesterday and told us that Rumsfeld had resigned. HURRAH!