Thursday, November 16, 2006

To my husband . . .

Companion in Life
In darkness, we tell stories
Of our days and kids

When life is hard, we team up
When life is good, we laugh hard

a solo renga
11/15/2006 -llm.

submitted to One Deep Breath, Week 24


-llm. said...

Laugh. So, Laura, obviously I overcame my fear. I did it by deciding that I would just change the rules -- so my renga is a solo renga! :)

Sandy said...

Don't worry, I think a lot of them were.
This is good! Mine also is about a something my husband and I did together.

LauraHinNJ said...

I like it!

Mine was solo too. I got the girls at work to write today - sort of an interesting mix. ;-)

-llm. said...

Thanks for the kind words! Sandy -- I REALLY liked your Renga. And, the image it was paired with!

Laura, I think it is so cool that you got others involved in it. I enjoyed reading all the efforts.