Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Career Status

Okay, so after a day of being super sad, I'm feeling better now. Still don't want to talk about it much but there you go.

Here's the deal . . .

-I don't have my full credential yet -- just my Intern Credential
-I have minimal experience.
-The principal's job is to do the best she can for the school.
-She never promised me a job -- in fact, she has said several times to me in a pointed manner to finish my credential.
-Yes, I wanted this job but . . . I've said all along that it wasn't guaranteed and if someone more qualified applied I probably wouldn't get it.

So, someone more qualified applied and I didn't get it. It sucks but I'm not angry or bitter about it. Disappointed and sad but that's it. Really.

So, next steps.

I'm still checking job listings but there are not really any teaching jobs in the country right now and I can only look in this county because of my credential program. And, I don't really want to commute anyway . . . :)

My advisor is out of town until Saturday. I will find out from her what my student teaching options are and then I'll look at my other options. I could do substitute teaching and may well choose to do that in addition to my student teaching. We'll see.

Greg -- no surprise here -- has been AWESOME. He told me before the interview that it just didn't matter because regardless we'd make it work. Yesterday, he told me that he honestly hoped that I didn't get a full-time job at a different school because it would be way better for our family if I were home more and working part-time. I feel the same way but felt guilty about possibly not bringing in as much money and not having benefits. He's a great husband!!!

Thanks for the love and support!

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Susan Gets Native said...

Well, "Boo!" on not getting the job.