Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Google Strikes Again!


I'm not easily amazed -- or at least I don't think I am. But, I just tried out the simplest, most satisfying way to create and put up web pages imaginable -- GooglePages. It's beyond awesome.

Check out what I did in 5 minutes. [click]

I have loved Google for as long as it has existed but wow. They rockity-rock-rock. And, that's high praise coming from me!


BEG said...

That's gorgeous! Did you do the artwork at top?

Google's page seems to have improved some since I saw it last, but maybe I'm thinking of something else... There's something that mashes up all the various google accounts (mail, calendar, etc) together. is that something else, or the starting point?

-llm. said...

I know. It really is gorgeous and no, I didn't do the artwork -- it's all Google.

It's really easy. I think I might be willing to teach my mom to do the web now! :)

Maybe you are thinking of their starting page that you can customize. That's gotten easier too with all sorts of "widgets" that you can add on like games and flickr image randomizers and stuff like that.

Google continues to amaze.

Susan Gets Native said...

Ooohh! Pretty!