Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I'm working through my coursework. Everything is due by tomorrow night at midnight. I will have it done but at this point its a race to the finish and I'm not sweating the details too much. I'd sell my soul for someone to take my kids away for the next two days but that isn't going to happen. Sigh.

Hope for the best. I'm still in my jammies and didn't even manage coffee this morning. Not a good sign. I just turned in one of the units so I took a break. I'm going to get dressed, do the dishes, make my coffee, and get back to work. Wheeeeeeeee!

Tomorrow, I have 8am dentist appts for the kids and then a meeting at 1pm with my principal to discuss what I can do at the school this coming year. Hopefully that all goes well. The rest of the time, I'm working on the chain gang.

Tote that barge. Lift that bail.

PS. Ruthie lost another tooth yesteday. She left the sweetest note for the ToothFairy. What a doll. Gage will be losing two teeth tomorrow (forcibly). The ToothFairy thing ALMOST makes up for the teeth-coming-out thing.

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