Thursday, August 17, 2006

Shark Boy No More!

Freshly Lost Teeth
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So, we went to the dentist today. Shark Boy got his two stubborn baby teeth pulled -- wow did they have long roots on them. Crazy!Gage's Teeth Still Smiling
Our dentist is awesome with kids and did a great job. Gage really seemed fine with it all. Hardest part was the numbness and drooling after it was all over. But, not to worry, he's still smiling! Another new smile!

Ruthie also went to the dentist. Had some surface cavities filled and then sealant.

Back to work!


Susan Gets Native said...

I remember getting a tooth pulled when I was three, after a bad fall down some stairs, and the dentist DID NOT use anesthesic. Think I love dentists now that I'm older? Nope.

-llm. said...

Charming! Poor you!

Thankfully, Gage did not suffer similarly. He was well numbed and didn't hurt until this afternoon. Tylenol has kept it under control. Whew!

It's already looking better and the teeth in back are already moving in noticably. I couldn't believe it but they are. Wild!

LauraHinNJ said...

Would like to leave a nice comment, but can't stand thinking about dental visits!

Ughh hate it. Your kids look happy to be done.

-llm. said...

I understand. Thankfully, the kids' dentist is a pediatric dentist and both kids have had treatments (fillings and sealants and now the extraction) with absolutely 0 trauma. We talked about it tonight and the worst of it was the numbness. He felt like he couldn't close his mouth or talk right. Once that wore off, he felt MUCH better!