Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More Procrastination

On my way to a serious blog addiction, but damn it's an easy way to maintain a website. Anyway, I used to have a website with pictures of my artistic efforts on it. But, I haven't had the time or effort for artistic lately. Still, I have the interest and desire. In experimenting with a new blog site (vox), I went ahead and set up a site just for me to talk about my artistic efforts. It's totally limited now but I'll play with it and add things as I procrastinate. Should be fun! It's certainly easy -- and free which works well with my budget!

Thanks just batty for letting me know about it. You are an awesome supporter of my procrastination efforts.

On the other hand, she's also let me know about Joe's Goals. This has helped me remember to do some of those little things we all want to do each day -- like drink water and exercise. Okay, it helped me to drink water . . . exercise, well, that might take something more direct -- can we add an electric shock component to Joe's Goals. If you aren't meeting your goal, your keyboard zaps you? That might work. Maybe.

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