Friday, December 22, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I wrapped most of our presents last night. I only have stocking stuffers left -- in our family stockings are stuffed, stuffed, and over-stuffed. We take our stockings seriously! So, I usually do that as another marathon session.

Wrapping usually takes place in our living room, late at night, with bad tv shows on. However, I had another "keep the wrapping away from prying eyes" solution. As boxes were delivered (oh please, you don't think I go to STORES during Christmas when I could have everything delivered by our friendly neighborhood UPS guy do you?), I put all the boxes in our motorhome. Yesterday, I had Greg plug it in and fire up the furnace. Our motorhome is very, very houselike in a way that our 5th wheel trailer never was. Anyway, it was warm and cozy out there, I took my iPod out filled with my favorite Christmas music and speakers and I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped. It was so nice!

The kids came out twice and got wrapping supplies to wrap up my gifts. Greg helped them on one gift but the gift that I bought myself -- Julie Zickefoose's book -- they wrapped that themselves. I can't wait to see it. Listening to them through the door as they wrapped it was delightful. They couldn't decide which side of the paper (it was candycane stripe on one side and christmas trees on the other) to use so they wrapped it twice -- once with each. :) That's my little compromisers!

Tomorrow is our Christmas Eve Eve party and it should be a lot of fun although I have a LOT of work to do before people arrive at 5:30pm -- which, of course, explains why I'm still sitting in my jammies at 9:22 am. Hey . . . it's the first day of my vacation! Well, I better get to it. Lots and lots to do.

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