Friday, December 15, 2006

Yellow Walls and Chicken Nuggets!

Yellow Walls
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In the insanity of excitement of getting our carpets cleaned, I had the brilliant idea of painting the walls. The walls in my living room that soar up ridiculously high. So, I told my husband -- who SHOULD know better -- and he thought it was a great idea. I wanted to pull a shade of yellow out of the stonework of the fireplace and give the room a warm glow. He liked that idea and wanted to make sure that there was enough contrast with the white beams and trimwork. "Go bold," he said.

And, so I did. And, the result was YELLOW walls. And, not in a good way given that most of our furnishings are black, white, light wood, and a blast of red. Sigh. What to do. I have been watching a LOT of Debbie Travis' The Painted House lately so I got brave and went and got a sandy color of paint and a LOT of glaze. And, after some failed experiments, I ended up pouring a quart of sandy paint into a gallon of glaze and rolling it on the walls. The result wasn't EXACTLY what I'd hoped for but it worked. The room is still yellow but now it glows rather than glaring. I'm pleased. The trimwork around the windows (mostly) got a new coat of high gloss white last night. Greg will scrape the windows clean and it should be ready for furniture again. THANK GOODNESS!!!

And, then we can finally decorate for Christmas. I'll document everything with my fantastic new camera.

Speaking of which. I let Ruthie cook dinner for herself and Gage last night. She wanted to and wanted to -- particularly give me a break which is the type of sentiment I want to encourage in my daughter and son!!! -- so I guided her through the process of making chicken nuggets. She set the table for the kids, poured their milk, got them veggies to eat, and dipping sauces (ketchup and ranch) and proudly served up her first home cooked meal.

Proud Chef

Yes, I was mighty proud of her!


Susan Gets Native said...

You know the saying, "If you teach a child to fish....", so it's great that Ruthie is learning to cook now (even if it is just nuggets).
I think you are insane to paint a week before Christmas!
(But I like you anyway!)

JanePoe said...

Bravo on the colour! I once did a livingroom in tuscan sunflower ... I smiled everytime I came home! Much peace, JP