Sunday, December 3, 2006

Things I love

Inspired by Laurahinnj's post.

Things I love . . .

  1. Snuggling with my honey under blankets with a big bowl of popcorn and a bunch of stuff on the TiVO.
  2. My morning cups of Mocha while reading blogs and writing posts
  3. Watching birds at my feeders.

  4. Seeing the scale dip down a number or two.
  5. The joy of opening a new book -- that little crackle from the binding -- knowing that new worlds await
  6. Driving along the coast on a sunny day -- to me, it's the epitome of freedom
  7. Coming over Tioga Pass in the Eastern Sierras and seeing Mono Lake spread out in front of me like a jewel

  8. Seeing the intelligence of my children -- watching them figure things out (particularly when they think they are outsmarting me -- someday they will but not yet!)
  9. Tangible shows of love from my family. Should be unnecessary but it's not. (New light fixtures in my kitchen and dining room were picked out and installed by my husband and kids yesterday!)

  10. Taking pride in the knowledge that I finished something well and did it all early and that my life for the next month will be a little bit better for not procrastinating!

1 comment:

LauraHinNJ said...

It seems like the simple things are what makes us the happiest. Love your list!