Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Quiet Day in the Dark

Around 3AM, the wind finally had its wicked way with the redwood forest that surrounds us and our power went out. Turns out that about 50,000 homes in the greater bay area lost power and about 5,000 in our little town (that would be about all of them!). So, we were not alone!


So, we had a quiet day at home. Well, as quiet as it can be in a neighborhood with generators blaring away! We live in a redwood forest and get all our rain at once. The power goes out a lot every winter.

Still, I had a big fire going and I sat and read most of the day curled up in a big, comfy chair with a mug (or two) of mocha watching the fire and reading. The kids (four of them from time to time) made it difficult but I managed to block them out. I read Julie Zickefoose's new book, Letters from Eden. And, all I can say is WOW! What a book.

Here is my review at LibraryThing.

The wind was amazing most of the day and I had the pleasure(?) of watching as a particularly fierce wind blew through and a branch came down from one of the redwoods. It was huge and scary! About 30 feet long and about 6" in diameter where it broke off the tree. A true widowmaker. Thankfully, it hit the road (with a clunk) when no one was going by. Greg went out and moved it and called Ruthie inside -- she was riding her scooter in the driveway. Better safe than sorry!

Branch that came down in wind

Updated Christmas Tree Bird Count

Inspired by recent discussions, I went to the half-off-invitation-only sale at the cute little shop where my mother-in-law works and got myself some new bird ornaments. Here they are . . .

{All my bird ornaments on Flickr}


Mary said...

This was a wonderful way to spend time during a power outage - reading Julie's book. Your book review is so right.

Lynne said...

OOooh- I love your new bird ornaments! I think I have the little clip-on bird pictured at right. She stays in my kitchen year-round! The storm sounds a bit scary, but it sounds like it turned out to be a nice day.

Liza Lee Miller said...

Thanks! I'm really pleased too. I wrote Julie with a link to my review and a picture of my mom reading the book intensely with a happy smile in the midst of the Christmas chaos around her. Julie gave me a link on her blog page. I was soooooo thrilled! Beyond thrilled!

And, Lynn, I've been thinking of keeping that little bird out year round too -- it's soooo cute. And, that pink and brown one . . . well, it would be so cute in my pink office! :)

LauraHinNJ said...

I'm just catching up - sounds like you had a fantastic Christmas!

Love the bird ornaments - my DH and I plan to go to one of those 50% off sales. Not as much fun after the holidays, but I like the savings!