Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dad, Can I Interest You in a Rock or a Stick?

My darling son came home yesterday with a pocket full of rocks and sticks and acorns. Now, this isn't new behavior as my washing machine can readily attest to. What is new is the idea that he could SELL these items to family members.

"Dad, I've got some stuff in my pocket to sell. Do you want to buy some?"

Oddly enough, he got Greg at just the right moment and Greg laughed and said, "Let's see."

For me, hilarity soon ensued. Greg was interested in buying rocks while Ruthie was after the acorns and sticks. She is collecting items to make a collage, it seems. I don't know what Greg wants with the rocks.

Gage is after money. He is saving up to buy a Bearded Dragon when he is ten. He has been focused on this goal since he was 5. He's 6 and 3/4 now and very serious about it. I was surprised when he took a few dollars out to buy a yo-yo at school the other day. Every penny he finds goes into his piggy bank.

I love how goal-oriented he is. He has pictures of bearded dragons in his room. When we go to the pet store, we look at the reptile aisle and he enjoys seeing all the stuff and talks about what he'll get for his Beardie.

In the meantime, he's learning about money. Although the value of money may still be eluding him. He asked for 10 dimes for an acorn. He's a good salesman though. When Greg said, "10 dimes? What is it? A Special acorn?" Gage replied, "Yes. It's very special."


LauraHinNJ said...

I'd pay a dollar for a pretty acorn - just think of what a full-grown oak is worth!


-llm. said...

Well, that's a good point! And it is pretty hard to say no to a cute little kid who is earnestly trying to save up for something that won't happen for 4 years! Seriously!