Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sometimes a story is too painful to tell with words

I love Flickr and get lost in some of the amazing photos there. Tonight was no exception.

Nikographer posted about his visit to Conowingo Dam, MD. His pictures tell the story of a Bald Eagle who fell from the sky (probably after hitting power lines). It is painful and yet amazing. Be warned, it does not have a happy ending but it is still compelling. Sometimes one just has to bare witness.

Nikoographer is a gifted photographer and these pictures will stick with you.



Anonymous said...

Those are some tough pictiures to see, but I'm thankful the eagle got some help.

LauraHinNJ said...

Thanks for that link.

The photo of the eagle in the box is particularly hard to see.

Susan Gets Native said...

That was rough.
We try. And sometimes we fail.

-llm. said...

I know. Very rough. I'm glad that they tried. The picture in the box was hard to look at and yet the dignity in those eyes -- wow.

What really got me the most though was the way the other eagles were trying to help and just BE with the injured eagle. Very touching.