Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Where I Live

Cool ComfortThis photo meme idea came from The Vitamin Sea but I heard about it from Somewhere in NJ. The idea is that anyone who wants to can request photos of "where I live" in the comments section and I'll try to indulge them. Within reason, of course. I'm single-moming it this week so too much energy is going in non-blog-related directions! :)

So, anyone curious about the amazing beauty and splendor of my world? Just ask!

Oh, and the freebie above? That's where the hammock sits in a grove of redwood trees in my backyard. Or well it did sit before the actual hammock part died. We haven't replaced it yet but it's top of the list for springtime replacement!


Susan Gets Native said...

*jumping up and down in my chair***
Me, me! I want to see more!
House, street, all the "amazing and beautiful splendor" that surrounds you!
How about....Your favorite part of the house or yard?
BTW: Thanks for calling me your "friend" on your previous post. That made my day.

LauraHinNJ said...

Hmmmm.... how about a pic of something you see every day that means *home* to you?

-llm. said...

Okay, Sunday I'll work on these pictures. Should be fun. The *home* one is the hardest I think but I know I'll find something. It's got to be that thing that until you unpack it and put it in place after a move, it's just not home. Hmmmmmmm.

LauraHinNJ said...

Sorry! Knew it would be difficult, but that's half the fun!

Anonymous said...

You have those ginormous redwoods in your back yard?!?!?!? Please, another picture of the trees!