Sunday, October 22, 2006

Redwoods on Golf Course

Redwoods on Golf Course
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Peace reigns again at my house. They did not catch the bad guy yet but since he's a local and knows the area, they have decided that he is not hanging out here but is probably hiding with friends somewhere. They'll just wait for him to slip up now, I guess.

So, we're enjoying a restoration of peace here. Although, I have to say, we're all locking doors again. We'll probably do that for a few weeks until this blurs to a distant memory.

We live on a golf course in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. We aren't golf course people (whatever that means) but this isn't your everyday average golf course, either. This is the kind of place where you'll see the old duffer in the plaid pants playing right along with an aging mountain man with a huge frizzy beard wearing overalls. It's an unusual place. But utterly beautiful. Aside from the golf balls that regularly threaten the health and safety of our automobiles, I find that I love living on a golf course.

Of course, this view from my front yard doesn't hurt. :)

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