Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Meet Flufsy!

Ruth and her furry friend
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Isn't she sweet? Oh, well, they both are. Seriously though, I'm feeling very lucky! I've probably had five hamsters in my life and some are wonderful and some are horrible. I had one total sweetheart pure white teddy bear hamster (he wasn't albino so I'm sure he was just very light cream in color) in college who would come when he was called and follwed me around the house in his ball. So sweet.

We got that lucky this time, I think. Flufsy is adorable. Totally lets Ruthie pick her up with no nippiness. She's tolerant and sweet. YAY!

Ruthie utterly adores her and spends lots of time cooing over her and calling her a little love!

Gage is enthralled but way afraid to hold her. :) He does love it when she's in her ball though. I've already told the kids she can't be out when there are other kids over though -- is it any wonder the neighbor's hamster died when I found them flying her around the house like a spaceship over their heads??? Sigh. At least they weren't playing soccer!!!

No, we'll emphasize the gentle, loving care of animals -- they are not robotic stuffed toys! Ruthie gets it and is taking it very seriously. She asked me today if she should do the daily health check -- I assured her that a weekly health check is fine. The first health check came complete with a report -- well, Ruthie does want to be a vet so this is good practice.

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Susan Gets Native said...

Your Ruthie wants to be a vet? Yay for her!
And it sounds like you got a good hamster. Though I was disappointed that you didn't take me up on the offer of one of my rats!