Thursday, October 19, 2006

Naughty Hamster! Caught in the Act!

Naughty Hamster!
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Our darling Flufsy was most unhappy in her original cage. She expressed that to us by waking up at 5am and climbing the bars of her cage and chewing on them. It was loud and annoying. After two weekend mornings of this, we were willing to spring for a new cage.

We had some size requirements as the cage is on a shelf unit in Ruth's room. So, we found this really cute cage that met our requirements. It's cute, has a nice big wheel, two levels, a cozy sleeping nook, and fit in the space.

Buuuuuuuut, Tuesday we came home from school to an empty cage. Eeeek! I (not my first time dealing with a hamster) started looking very methodically. We found her right under where she fell off the shelf, hiding behind a tub of toys. Phew!

Last night, I got home from teaching all day plus an extra hour for an afterschool program. I had stopped at the store to get dinner. My stomach was upset. I walked in the door to see my husband yelling at the kids (well, speaking sternly to them). The hamster was missing again and the boys had come in from doing something and left the front door open. Oh boy.

So, I started looking again. We tore Ruth's room apart -- me looking carefully and methodically. Ruth following me around wringing her hands and being worried. Sigh. Not in the room. So, I did the hallway carefully. Then most of my bedroom and bathroom. About then, the boys came in in a panic. They were hearing noises and were worried about something. I went out to check -- the truck was making cooling down engine noises and they thought it might be the hamster in there. I managed not to laugh at them (this is a BIG truck -- GMC 3500 -- not only couldn't she get in there but if she did, you wouldn't hear her moving around! :)

When I came back inside, I noticed that the hamster's ball was on the floor in the living room open. I questioned Ruthie and she could not say for sure that she had put Flufsy back in her cage after her morning run. Hmmmmm. So, I took the living room apart and didn't find her. Rats. (Or hamsters!) I couldn't look behind our ginormous 80" television but looked everywhere else. Then, I did the entryway (so ridiculously huge we call it the Lobby). Nothing there. Next, the front closet. BINGO!

So, we now have things on TOP of the hamster cage (the door is in the plastic roof). We still found it hard to believe that she had opened it up by herself but I got this photographic evidence this morning.

Cage #3??? Sigh. Expensive damned rodent!


Susan Gets Native said...

Smart little troublemaker!
Putting stuff over the door should work. I didn't know hamsters were so smart.

BEG said...

Ha! that picture is priceless!

I had hamsters growing up. The place I could reliably find them when they escaped was in the big bag of hamster food I kept in my closet. Although, one memorable escapee got into the walls, and chewed his way out in the downstairs bathroom wall...oops!

Anonymous said...

Hamsters chew bars as it helps them grind their teeth down. Hamsters teeth continuously grow and need to be worn down or they get too long and hurt the animal!