Friday, October 6, 2006

One of those days

[warning -- ranting vent enclosed -- read at your own risk!]

Yesterday was just a gawdawful day. It got better and all is well, I think but it was gawdaful getting there.

Here is the list of the factors in play:

  • Greg is out of town
  • I am sick and while I thought I was getting better, I took a turn for the worse yesterday and had to go to the doctor.
  • I got my period -- of course I did!
  • I have a huge assignment due for school today.
  • I have a huge test on Saturday (the RICA, for those who care! :)
  • Work has been difficult and my coworkers have been uncharacteristically difficult as well.
  • Did I mention Greg is out of town. He is.
  • Greg came home last night briefly and then flew out this morning.
  • Ruth had been showing some weird eye problems and I asked for the nurse to screen her for vision -- she came up with blank spots in her vision when she uses both eyes -- alone, they are fine, together blank spots. Probably a binocular vision disorder. So, had to make an optometrist appointment.
  • There is thing called Google where you can research all sorts of things that cause blank spots in vision. Some of them are very scary -- and very unlikely. Bottom line -- did NOT ease my stress level.
  • Oh, Greg is out of town. Did I mention that?
  • In the middle of the office, I completely melted down (hit the wall) and started crying just as I was walking into a difficult meeting with a groupof coworkers and my boss. The consummate professional at work. They were great but still dammit all I hate doing that at work (or anywhere but my own bedroom, thank you very much).
  • Asthma means you can't breath well and at somepoints, your body starts limiting its activities and that's when I know that I need to get medical help. Which unfortunately means Prednisone which in my house we call Bitch Pills because while I feel better almost instantly, they utterly destroy my ability to cope with ANYTHING.
  • I also have a sinus infection so I get to add antibiotics into the mix. (ooo, better go eat some yogurt!!!)
  • Oh, Greg has been out of town since Tuesday -- he'll be back next Tuesday.
Okay, the good news is that things got better as soon as I called my doctor's office. I called at 11 told them my asthma was not responding to my emergency inhaler. They got me in at 12:35. Awesome. My doctor is wonderful and affirming. I got the scrips I needed. The visit only cost $73. I took the kids with me to get the meds. It always takes awhile so we walked down to the pet store. They are a great pet store (not that I'm a big fan of pet stores). We got to see amazing birds, bunnies, guinea pigs, chinchillas, lizards (baby bearded dragons that were like 3 inches long and a full-grown beauty who was like a foot-and-a-half), baby pink corn snakes (ahhhhh!), and tons of beautiful fish. We bought Flufsy a new bed and some chinchilla dusting powder which I understand they love for dry baths. We'll see. Gage got a cute stuffed lizard with magnets and is having a blast finding places for him to climb. We came home and Ruth did her homework and Gage and I cleaned up the house. Not perfect but nice. Coming home briefly to a disaster area wouldn't have been good for Greg and I figured it would be a good thing to help reduce my stress. It did. Then we had got ready for bed and curled up on the couch reading The Voyage of the Dawn Treader to wait for Daddy to come home. It was after bedtime but they needed to stay up and see him. Greg and I stayed up until almost 2 getting him packed and ready for his next trip. Still, being with him and seeing him, and talking to him helped a LOT.

So, I'm feeling better -- health and emotion-wise. Thank goodness. I'm knocking things off the stress list and feeling more supported. And, I got to bounce the workstuff of Greg and I felt better, way better, afterwards.

So, life goes on. Wheeeeeeee, what a ride. And you were warned, after all!


LauraHinNJ said...

Not so bad as rants go. ;-)

What are you going to school for?

Susan Gets Native said...

My hubby travels a few times a year for articles and books he is writing, and that's only for a few days at a time and I think I will lose my mind.
Good grief...hang in there, babe!

-llm. said...

Laura, Laugh. I edited rather strongly! :) I'm getting my multiple subject teaching credential. I'll done on December 9th (not that I'm counting the days or anything -- except that I am)!

Susan, I know -- he doesn't travel much and it really wouldn't be so bad if have the other stuff (especially the getting sick part of it) hadn't happened. Thanks for the support!

LauraHinNJ said...

So are you doing your student-teaching now?

-llm. said...

Sort of. I had my own classroom last year. I taught 4th grade. So, this year, I didn't get a fulltime job and I'm running a math tutoring program at the school. It turns out that I do have my own 4th grade MATH class this year which is exciting. But, most of the time, I'm shuffling kids in and out and in and out all day giving them tidbits of help. 30 minutes 2x a week for most of them. It's crazy but it'll be good. I love working with the kids and at our school. It's an EXCELLENT school with an EXCELLENT staff! Helps!

Ellen said...

Oh no! Hope you're feeling much better now!

-llm. said...

Thank you, Ellen. I really am!