Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Daddy's Home!

Yesterday, after school, we hurried through homework -- that, of course, proved difficult and took all our time, and then headed off to the airport to pick up Greg. We only had to circle twice and there he was. Hurray!

The kids were giddy with excitement. He left for Oregon last Tuesday, came home briefly Thursday night, we took him to the airport Friday morning and finally he was home Tuesday night. He piled in the car and we had hugs and kisses and squeals of delight all around. I drove us to a nearby restaurant (Elephant Bar) and we went in and had a nice dinner together. The kids regalled him with stories of their time while he was gone. He told us about how the trip went. I told him how much I'd missed him.

It's true. I really did miss him. Just his presence. Sure, it was a hard week but it would have been a hard week even if he'd been here. I still would have been sick, overloaded with school work, and stressed out. I still would have had bizarre goings on with coworkers. Buuuuuut . . .

I would have had someone there. Someone who has always been there -- we've been together for 24 years. I think it's a wonderful thing that I can cope and get through a week like that just fine (okay, ONE breakdown!!! :) but when I see Greg again my first thought and feeling is, "Oh, I've missed you."

A week apart is too long but it was probably good to be reminded that we depend on each other.

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Susan Gets Native said...

I know, it's cliche, but..."Absence makes the heart grow fonder". But for every cliche, there's one to refute it, like, "Familiarity breeds contempt."
Anyway, glad he's home!