Friday, October 13, 2006

Ruthie's Eye Appointment

Ruth had her optometrist appointment today. End result . . . she's VERY farsighted. She has a depth perception problem which is related to the farsightedness. She will be getting glasses and the frames pictured are what she has chosen. They are by Disney and are the Jasmine frames in purple. They have a cute little dangle on one side. They looked utterly adorable on her.

The eye exam went well. The doctor was -- as we'd been told -- wonderful with her. I wasn't thrilled with waiting so long -- Greg had to leave to go get Gage from school and missed the whole exam. :(

We will take her back in a month after we get the glasses to see what improvement there is in her depth perception. I think we'll have about 400 questions by then. I really needed some processing time. I didn't even ask what her prescription is.

She seemed okay with everything and is very excited about getting glasses. One of her friends got glasses in Kindergarten and Ruthie loves her glasses and is excited to be just like her. So, yay! for that! She will wear them all the time except for sports (soccer). I think the most amazing thing is that she hasn't shown any signs of needing them until recently. The doctor was flummoxed too as she had her eyes tested in Kindergarten and last year in 2nd Grade. Another one of the questions.

But, at least we know and there doesn't seem to be huge trauma for her about it.


Susan Gets Native said...

Sounds like Ruthie sailed through it perfectly.
My oldest daughter Isabelle first started wearing glasses at the age of 6 months. She was born with a dermoid tumor on her eye, and while we were getting that checked out, they tested her vision (with that little light thing, not by her reading a chart!) She was three times as farsighted as a typical 6 month old would be. It was more tramatic for me than her. We have done the Disney glasses, Barbie glasses and now she has some designer ones that she loves.
I will have to find some pics of her when she first got them and put them on my blog. She was wearing the smallest glasses available and they still looked huge!

-llm. said...

I know this has been more traumatic for me -- I don't wear glasses and just sort of assumed that my kids would be the same. (Greg doesn't wear them either)

My mother-in-law got out one of her childhood pictures to share with Ruthie of herself wearing glasses at a similar age. Although, she is terribly nearsighted! She said that she had never seen the stars until she got her glasses.

Ruthie really enjoyed seeing Gramma's picture wearing the glasses.

I'd love to see pics of Isabelle with hers on.