Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A New Look for Ruth

New glasses!
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They're here! New glasses. And, on the very same day, she lost her other big front tooth. Hurrah! The glasses are beautiful and she looks great in them. They really change how she looks but I like the new look. Just a change. She REALLY notices the difference -- she keeps lowering them and saying, "blurry and hard to read." Then she puts them back up and says, "Clear and easy to read."

The technician that fitted them to her didn't know the prescription but says she REALLY needed them. I held them up to my head and I could NOT see through them. I don't know how she learned to read and do math with that level of farsightedness. I'm STUNNED and very grateful that I didn't blow off the two little bitty signs of trouble that I noticed.

One other note, because the glasses are correcting extreme farsightedness, they make her eyes look bigger -- giving her a sort of anime look about her. So cute.


Susan Gets Native said...

Yay, Ruthie!
She looks so adorable, I can't stand it. That hippie shirt and that long hair...she looks like a cool flower child.
I can't see through Isabelle's, either. It's like looking through a magnifying glass.
She really does look great. God Bless Optomitrists!

Susan Gets Native said...

I think I spelled that wrong.

BEG said...

Heh. I think it's optometrist. Not too far off. Very very cute pic. What were the two signs you noticed & didn't blow off?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know the signs too.

You look beautiful Ruthie!

-llm. said...

Thanks for the compliments. She does look beautiful and she is so happy about them it makes my heart sing. What amazes me is how much she is seeing differently.

Usually with the extreme farsightedness she has, you'd expect her to have trouble with reading or close work, math, spelling and the like. She doesn't. She's a great student who LOVES to read, does super in math and spelling, etc. We're really surprised.

The two signs were that one day she casually mentioned that sometimes "handwriting looks blurry." When I tried to pin down what that meant -- handwriting on your desk? On the board? She couldn't narrow it down -- just said that sometimes handwriting looks blurry. I stored that bit of information away and promised myself to look out for other signs of problems.

Then a few weeks later, we were out birdwatching. I pointed out a flight of ducks and she couldn't see them. Now, given that she's a goofy 8 year old, I easily could have decided that she just wasn't paying attention or something.

They test all the kinders, 2nd graders, and 5th graders at our school early in the school year. But, if a parent or teacher requests a test, they'll do any student.

That was when we got serious about it. The school nurse was quite concerned. She had blank spots in her vision and they suggested we get her tested ASAP. So, we did. And, voila, my daughter is super-duper farsighted and now her life will be easier!