Friday, January 19, 2007

Another Raven Good Day

Raven Courtship
Originally uploaded by egret's nest.
Got back to school to pick the kids up early today . . . wow! Had my camera and these two ravens were showing off. Flirting, like mad with each other.

The sounds they were making was amazing. I got a bunch of photos of them (BURST MODE!!!) but also got some video. If you listen carefully, you'll hear an odd hollow clicking or knocking sound.

No . . . it's not evidence of Ivory Bills in Boulder Creek! The ravens make this sound. It's amazing. She clicks and then he puffs up and clicks and clacks.


Mary said...

That was fun! Thanks for making me smile early in the morning.

NatureWoman said...

Still loving the ravens in love!

sarala said...

Nice video. Ravens are very clever birds.

vicki said...

That's great! I love this clip! I first fell for Ravens when I was 19 and visited the Tower of London, where they are all pissed off from being clipped and pinioned so they walk up to school children and stab them in the knees. I thought that was quite fitting- teach the Queen, right?

They are smart birds with a great vocal range. Thanks!