Friday, January 26, 2007

Birthday Report and Catching Up

So, poor Gage had to wait until I got home from teaching my afterschool program at around 4:30 before he could open his presents . . . torture for a 7 year old boy but he handled it with good grace!

We all gathered in the living room to watch the excitement unfold. My mother is visiting which made it extra fun! She brought her gifts along so he had three presents to open.

Gage opens a SPYWATCH!

We got him the RC Tarantula that I saw first on Julie Zickefoose's blog. Her son, Liam, is the same age as Gage and loved it. I knew my son would too. And, he did . . .

Gage with his spider!

The only disappointment was that Ushki, my Mom's corgi, was singularly unimpressed with the spider. The RC car Gage got at his party was a great doggy tormenting device however. We think the spider just didn't move fast enough. Still the main goal was that Gage loved it and he does. He's being so careful with it -- putting it up high so it doesn't get stepped on. He didn't even show it to his friend who lives next door and can be rough on toys (broke one toy immediately upon being shown it -- sigh! I'm getting good with Crazy Glue!).

I think it was a satisfying birthday for Gage and I know it was for me!

With my mom visiting, my blogging/computer time is cut WAY down. But, it's nice having her here -- she lives so far away that I don't get quality time with her. I figure having enough time to get irritated with each other is a good thing!

Today, we have no school (end of semester break). We are thinking about taking a walk at Elkhorn Slough. I'll report back on what we ACTUALLY do with pictures and details tomorrow!


Mary said...

What fun for Gage! I giggled about him protecting his new toy from his heavy-handed friend. Funny!

Enjoy your MOM and I look forward to seeing what you find during your walk tomorrow.

Susan Gets Native said...

A boy his age actually taking CARE of a toy?
You have done something right, girl.

Liza Lee Miller said...

He is a good boy! He actually gets why one would clean up one's room. And, does it. :)

My daughter, on the other hand, is much more the way I have always been . . . why clean up the room when it's just gonna get messy again anyway!