Saturday, January 13, 2007

SpongeBob enjoys MacWorld

SpongeBob enjoys MacWorld
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And so did I. Did not take many pictures but MacWorld was a blast! Exhausting but in a good way. It was nostalgic to me as well which was really nice too. I used to go to this show SERIOUSLY looking for the latest greatest thing to bring back to Stanford to share. I'd go and see tons of people I knew and register for conferences and all that jazz.

I have to say that going and just walking around and looking at stuff was fun too! And, the best part of it was getting to spend most of the day and evening with Greg! That was was cool.

Brag Alert! Greg occasionally writes reviews for MacWorld magazine on products related to architecture. He wrote a review for this product and got quoted on the box:

MacDraft Box

Yes, I made the guy in the booth hold up the box so I could take the picture. I said to him, "Greg's mom will be so proud!" (Ha -- she is but so am I!)

We tried to buy Greg's Christmas gift from me at the show but they were out of the 80G iPods so we stopped at the Apple store in Palo Alto on our way home. That was a fun way to do it because Greg has often wandered in there and looked at all the cool things he couldn't buy. Last night, we bought! We went out to a blissful kidfree dinner on the way home too which was very nice.

Today, I have a CPR class and then we are going out tonight to dinner and a play with friends. This is a big deal for us -- we don't go out to fancy, fun evenings very often! The kids are staying at my inlaws and I get to sleep in tomorrow!


ps. The new PC is working well although it is "quirky" which is why it got to be my "new" computer instead of the one that Greg swears at all the time. The new Mac will probably be set up tomorrow. That one will take longer, I'd imagine!

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