Monday, January 1, 2007

One Deep Breath: New Year

I am preparing
by cleaning
for the year ahead

This brand new year
beckons me
with its shininess

Looking backwards
I see a good year
then I turn away

And with this new year, I am moving my writing efforts to a new home. For some reason, I have a great need to compartmentalize my life. And, yes, I do it in real life too! But this writing thing just needs added emphasis in this new year and this feels like the best way to do it. I am calling my new blog, Chickadee Chatter.


megan said...

When I read the 2nd one, I saw a crow flying toward a shiny gem it had spotted...and I thought, how cool. Then I read the 3rd one and LOVED it...seeing the good in the past while letting it go...perfect balance. thank you!

Sandy said...

These are good Liza, and I just checked out your new home, looks good. I didn't know where to leave my comment.
I am doing the cleaning thing too, must be something from nature directing us!

JanePoe said...

Great poetry ... looking forward to seeing what else flies out of your soul in 2007. I will be visiting Chickadee Chatter! Much peace & happiness, JP

Crafty Green Poet said...

Sounds like a good start to the new year! I like the idea of letting the old year go too.

Liza Lee Miller said...

Thank you for all the positive feedback! I'm starting off this year feeling very positive!

Tammy said...

Loved them all and being a type A personality I soooo relate. LOL

Erin O' said...

I like the last one very much. I saw a person looking over her shoulder kind of bittersweetly.