Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Proud Mom . . . Proud Birder

Gage - photoshopped for fun
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Our school does awards each month for students who are showing specific lifeskills. Every student in the school gets an award every year. It fills in with our other awards programs which include academics, physical activity, and PAW awards which are awarded when an adult catches you doing something good. I really like this program -- every child deserves a shot at feeling special and since becoming a teacher, I'm quite aware that there are plenty of kids who never are made to feel special in any other way. Parents are invited to attend the ceremony and that helps make kids feel special too.

Aaaaaaanyway, today was Gage's turn. He was given an award for demonstrating the Life Skill of Responsibility. And, I must say, he is a pretty responsible kid. He was so proud and excited. The principal called him up, the secretary shook his hand and gave him the award (a little zipper pull that says BCE Lifeskill), and he got to go up on stage with the other recipients for the month. They get applause at the end.
He was riding high on it all afternoon. It was sweet to see! Ruthie made me so proud too -- she was so attentive, watching him up there, waving at him, clearly proud of her brother. Greg even made it out to visit. Very, very cool small-town-family-school moment.

I also am pleased as punch to share that one of my blog posts is in I and the Bird #40. Please visit the site and check out the tasty offerings that Peregrine served up this month.


NatureWoman Pam said...

Congratulations to Gage and congratulations to you! Woo Hoo to both of you!!

Mary said...

Your photo of Gage should be framed. What a special day for him! And, Congratulations to you!

Sandy said...

Yes, I can see why you are a proud Mom!
That is just the greatest photo. My husband is always telling me "get the eyes clearest", you certainly did in that shot. Good lucking guy!

LauraHinNJ said...

Great pic - love whatever it is that you did to it also!

So, what did he do to earn his award? How did he demonstrate responsibility?

Congrats to Gage (and to you for the I & the bird post.)