Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A dark and stormy night

A dark and stormy night
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Yup. That's what it was. Cold, too. (Well, for us anyway!)

I know that picture is hard to see but that's the creek behind my house and all that stuff in the air is rain so thick it's hard to see through it. I ran out and took this picture -- it wasn't that dark but using the flash gave it that very surreal effect.

Anyway, I came back in the house and I kept hearing this strange squeaking noise. I finally realized it was coming from the front porch. I carefully opened the door and saw two Chickadees. One had the prime location and the other was NOT happy at being left out. My front porch is covered in wisteria vines and the chickadees regularly roost there. But it was so cold and rainy that they were really hunkering down. I went and got my camera and one of them was still there . . .

Staying dry if not warm

I like this last shot of it though looking out at the rain like he's thinking, "Will it never end?"

Chickadee Refugee

I love Chickadees though. There he (she?) is on the porch, sheltered from the storm. I come out onto the porch with my camera, snapping shots with flash going off and the chickadee is like, "Whatever . . . just don't make me go out in that rain!"

No worries! You are welcome to stay! It's dry, if not warm!

Snow level is due down to 1500 ft tonight. We live at 800 so I think we're safe. The kids will be so disappointed. I have to say that waking up to a dusting of snow would be a nice surprise for me too!

"Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!"


BEG said...

Wow! It's been rainy here (a bit over the weekend, some today, and more forecast for tonight/tomorrow) but nothing like yours! Those poor chickadees, makes me want to go out hang some birdhouses or something ;-)

That would be so cool to have snow...

Mary said...

Poor little Chickadees!

Stay warm and dry!

Liza Lee Miller said...

AM Report: it's 34 degrees out on my porch but it's still raining. No snow in sight. I'm sure that there is snow on the hills though. Maybe after school, we'll take the kids up for a snowball fight or something! :)

Phyllis said...

It poured and poured here yesterday, but is sunny but chilly today. Just jays and turkeys around here, but I don't look at birds all that closely ;) And I need to get my hummingbird feeder up!


Liza Lee Miller said...

Very cold here again this afternoon. Still raining off and on.

Phyllis, do get your feeder up -- we have hummers year round in California! They need the juice when it's cold and nasty like its been.

Many people were pointing out how cool a snow day would be! :)

mon@rch said...

The birds have it hard when it rains like that! I only hope spring comes quicker!

Sandy said...

Is that rushing water? Scary isn't it?

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