Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby's doing great!
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We couldn't blame Ruby when she didn't want to go out in the rain yesterday -- it's been awful! A little dog in all that rain . . . she could drown! So, what's a little girl to do but find a cozy spot and curl up. What do you mean I'm only allowed on the furniture when I'm invited up? Do you not realize that it is RAINING out there? Don't be ridiculous! I must stay warm and dry and lovely!

Beautiful girl

Ruby would much rather curl up in a cozy chair than go out in that nasty old rain. Blech.


"Oh, wait a minute! Did someone say SQUIRREL?" Ruby is on that job. Squirrel at Mama's feeder? I will eliminate it! She's awesome on the squirrel patrol! She's taken to it with a ferocity that makes me worry just a little bit that she'll develop a squirrel obsession that will require Cesar Milan to sort out. But, for now, it's a good thing. The squirrels have developed a healthy fear of her and watch for her now as well as for me. She hasn't even gotten close to getting one but she does know which trees they like best and will check each tree when she goes outside!

Ruby, sleeping

She's very photogenic . . . even when she's sleeping . . .

Ruby peeking at me

. . . or pretending to sleep!

Ruby looking naughty

And don't get me started on her new naughty ways . . . she chewed up a pencil the other day! A pencil! Silly, naughty puppy! Oh well, she's getting along great with the kids now -- huge improvements daily so all is forgiven! But, stick with your toys! That's a good girl!

It's raining, it's pouringWe'll just keep trying to stay dry here in soggy Boulder Creek. Feel free to remind me that just a couple of weeks ago, I was lamenting the lack of rain.

But, that was before this happened. I stop at the grocery store in Ben Lomond to pick up some chocolate -- medicinal chocolate -- life-saving, my family may survive this week, chocolate. It's raining but I'm right by the door so I just run in without my jacket. I come back to the car and some -- oh, I'll just say it -- idiot!!! has parked so close to my car that I can't open the driver's side door. It is now torrential downpour rain and I'm soaked to the skin before I can figure out what to do. She's looking at me through the rain-streamed windows and making that "what?" gesture with her hands. I can't stand around and wait for her to figure it out. I run around my car, climb in the passenger door, climb over the seats and the center console, and sit down in the driver's seat unsure whether I'm going to laugh or rage. Then -- and this is my favorite part -- then, she starts the engine and moves her car to another parking spot. Uh, . . . thanks? But it's a little late now that I'm soaked to the skin already! Oh, yea, I'm loving me some rain!


Lynne said...

Ruby Tuesday! I love it. Will this be an ongoing weekly post? Hope so. That picture of her peeking with one eye over her shoulder is priceless.
What a self-absorbed idiot in the parking lot! I'm not sure if I'd have been able to laugh. At least you got your medicinal chocolate and your family is safe! :)

rain is good...rain is good...rain is good...

Sandy said...

Glad the dog is working out. I wouldn't want to go out in the rain either.
What are you having-monsoon season out there??

NatureWoman said...

Love the photos of Ruby - she is very photogenic.
Sorry about the thoughtless, clueless people. Argh!

Mary said...

Liza, you are cracking me up here. I don't like rain (unless we need it) and that episode would have put me over the edge! LOL!

Ruby Tuesday is very sweet and I'm glad you are enjoying her mischief and also her squirrel removal. That photo with one eye open is precious. Seems she is truly making herself part of the family. I love the coloring on her face. More dog pics!

Mary said...

Oh, Liza, one more thing. Ruby is chewing on a knotted rope in one of the pictures. I'm sure you are watching her closely but I'll add that my Bella tried to EAT one, succeeded on eating most of it while I was away, and ended up with hershey squirts for 24 hours. Sorry to put this mental image on your blog...

Susan Gets Native said...

Jeez, MARY!!!!!

Anyway, I am loving Ruby, Liza. I think "Ruby Tuesday" should be an ongoing post. But I am sure that she will be doing so many cute things that you won't be able to wait until the next Tuesday. ARrrgh! I could just bite her, she is so cute.

LauraHinNJ said...

Yes! We love Ruby Tuesdays! She is a doll.

Liza Lee Miller said...

Thanks everyone! First things first . . . Mary, thanks a LOT! :) Yes, we watch her carefully. She seems to prefer shredding pencils to her rope toy right now.

I think Ruby Tuesdays will be a standard part of the blog. It's just too perfect to ignore.

It's pouring right now and we've had lots of hail. Also, it's 38 degrees and still falling with more rain (or should I say precipitation) predicted all night. Snow in the AM? Could be!

sarala said...

I am so jealous of your creek. I lived in Seattle for 12 years as a kid and one house we lived in there had a creek in the backyard. For some reason having a creek is my idea of heaven. I think I'll have to post on this. Unfortunately, Chicago just doesn't do creeks in my area. I guess we're too developed. The marshes are drained and the rivers are well under control. Too many humans.

Richard Nikoley said...

Just like her father. Rotor hates the rain, and water in general. And, he knows the word "squirrel;" goes nuts when you say it.

We were sure glad to learn of Ruby's new home.