Friday, February 16, 2007

Hope of Spring

Hope of Spring
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Our first daffodil -- a bright, sunny reminder that drier, warmer days are coming! Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons.

I wrote a poem about the flowers and spring {click}.

Hope you get a chance to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count {click} this year! I plan to do so this weekend while we are preparing our yard for a smaller dog (ooooo, a lab can't fit through that hole but a rattie could!). Tonight, I'm making up fresh batches of suet dough and hummingbird juice to lure the little darlings in droves!


Sandy said...

Oh, that is pretty! We are so far away from blooming flowers. My garden in under about 15 inches of snow right now.
I will be going to the Portland Flower Show in a few weeks just to see and smell a bit of spring.

NatureWoman said...

Thank you so much for this ray of sunshine - it is much needed after dealing with all of the snow I rec'd this week. I'm going in search of forced bulbs blooming inside somewhere tomorrow. Thanks again Liza!

Mary said...

We are not as far advanced for Spring as you, but I can see bright green shoots in the mulch. Freezing nights will hold things up but I'm hopeful. I loved your poem about flowers and spring. You need to write more of the same! The people in the northeast are craving posts like this!

Good luck with the little doggie prep. I'm so excited for you!

I will investigate the backyard bird count but I wonder if I have time since I work full-time and don't see the whole day of birds. I'll check it out.

LauraHinNJ said...

"Spring moves up from the temperate climes spreading daffodils before her."

Love that! Glad spring comes early for you - I'll know to find it here in miserable March.

mon@rch - with hopes to see signs of spring soon! said...

O my goodness! After all the snow I have been dealing with; I really needed to see this daffodil! I sure wish spring was this close where I am located!

Liza Lee Miller said...

Thanks everyone!

The first sign of Spring can make us too hopeful though. My daughter was sure that since the daffodil bloomed that we'd be swimming in my inlaws unheated pool in a few weeks . . . nope! A few months, sweetie!

Phyllis said...

We've got some of those, too - mine are white with yellow centers. They also need to be dug up and separated and have since we moved in here 3 years ago ;)

Great shots of birds! I saw a kestrel/hawk/falcon of some sort yesterday over a field (more like a lot behind where a Sam's club used to be). I watched it for several minutes just holding in one place in the wind, then flitting a few yards to the side, apparently looking for or tracking some small creature. It's just an amazing sight, though to watch it just hang there, almost perfectly still, like a kite. I have no idea what it was. I still don't have a Western bird book and my very very limited knowledge of birds is all from the Midwest. Blue jays and cardinals instead of scrub jays and magpies.

And about DS1, he hate writing and he is also going into screensaver mode, it seems. I have told him and suggested to the teachers that when he spaces out that he should get up and stretch and run down the walkway to the bathroom, etc etc to get the blood back to his brain.

And I wish we could get a dog! Well, I'd rather have a cat, but a small dog would be good, too.

robin andrea said...

Such a beautiful daffodil. Amazingly, spring is starting here too. We have our first irises. While cleaning the yard today, I found the purple buds of the crocus, and the greens of our hyacinths are up too. In a few weeks we'll have color, we'll have fragrance. It'll be spring.

sarala said...

You have daffodils already. I think we won't until April. Sigh. Still it is very cheering.