Thursday, February 8, 2007

Google Video Thursday

Let the Rain Pour Down . . . the movie:

Feeder Frenzy in the Rain:

And, for my raven loving readers, Noisy Raven:


Mary said...

Liza! That is SO SO GREAT! How did you do that one in the rain? I'm wondering how you steadied the camera. The music was fun, too!

I've never seen a raven but I've heard one...


Lynne said...

I love that noisy raven. I see them occasionally in northern Minnesota but they seem secretive and skittish.

Liza Lee Miller said...

Mary, I just held the camera in my right hand and steered with my left. Totally dangerous and hardly recommended photography technique. :)

Lynne, our ravens *should* be secretive and skittish but they are so spoiled by living at such a mecca for good food that they are really quite unusual. They watch the people very carefully and don't let us come too close but yesterday I came around a corner and there were six of them cleaning up where the kinders had just had snack. They merely looked annoyed at me.

BEG said...

I love the feeder frenzy one. You can just see them trying to avoid the raindrops with each zoom out for food.

Maybe an umbrella over the feeder??

The ravens down here (soCal) are skittish too. Every time I pull out my (pitiful, low zoom) camera, they're *gone*.

mon@rch said...

how amazing that we can have clips of us and add them to our blogs! I never would have expected such things happening many years ago! How wonderful!

LauraHinNJ said...

All that CRONKING!! Thanks - this was fun.

Susan Gets Native said...

Liza, you are too cute!
I crank that song up when it comes on the radio, and there it was on your video!

And that raven was really warming up the pipes, huh?

Liza Lee Miller said...

BEG - yea, they were really zipping in and out. Not sure it was the raindrops but it was coming down pretty good!

mon@arch - I love the technology too. It's amazing! And, I love having a camera that I can enjoy both stills and video with. That cronking raven would not have been as much fun in stills.

susan - that song is my walk in the rain song. My sister turned me on to it. It's a good one! It actually came on my iPod while I was driving and filming but I went ahead and put it in again on my computer -- sounded better! :)