Saturday, February 24, 2007

A piece of my life

My bulletin board
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This is my bulletin board in my office. I made it several years ago -- I actually made two but only have room for one in my tiny little "office". It has been filled with things that are important to me but in a random and haphazard way.

Click on the picture and go to the Flickr page for it -- you'll see "notes" about its contents that I shared.

One that I wanted to share with you guys specifically is this one:

Feather closeup

I found this feather under my hummingbird feeder but I'm quite sure it didn't come from a hummingbird! I don't know what sort of bird it did come from but isn't it beautiful? I love the colors and the soft downy bits at the bottom. Utterly lovely!

Anyone else care to share a piece of your life?


Mary said...

I'd like to have that button, "I Don't Exaggerate - I Embellish"! If I were to share my bulletin board, I'd show a photo of my refrigerator. It's loaded with stuff from years past and sometimes I'd like to rid of it to have a neat frig, but I can't do it.

Beautiful feathers, there. Just today, I thought I'd fill the hummingbird feeder. We have had some warm days lately.

Liza Lee Miller said...

I am the opposite on my fridge -- it fills up and then I get brutal and clear it all off. The good artwork gets stored away and the just okay stuff is ruthlessly chucked. :)

Liza Lee Miller said...

Oh, and Mary, if I see another one of those buttons at a quilt show, I'll snag one for you! IT's from Quilting Arts Magazine. :)

Mary said...

That buttom made me laugh out loud. Something I'd display proudly! Thanks!