Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Why I love camping . . .

The FMC at Columbia
Reason #1: Our FMC motorhome. A true home away from home! Traveling in this is so much better than traveling in our truck and 5th Wheel!

Ruth climbing rocksGage climbing rocks
Reason #2: Chances for the kids to do and experience different things! Here they are climbing on rocks that were exposed during hydrologic mining in Columbia, California.

Ruth seeing how girls lived in the Gold RushLook at that water cannon!
Reason #3: Chances for educational experiences. Ruthie is trying on the 1850's clothing that a girl her age would have worn during the Gold Rush. Gage is learning about the hydrolic mining equipment. (Okay, okay, he's saying, "WOW! A cannon!"

Camping Cocktails!My morning routine translated to camping!
Reason #4: Roughing it is good for the soul (NOT!) which is why we have our evening martinis in stainless steel martini glasses and I have figured out how to make a reasonable facsimile of my morning mochas.

Mushrooms abounded near our campsiteMule deerTurkey Vulture
Reason #5: Wildlife encounters!

The Millers take a walk

Reason #6: Family walks which result in lessons in skipping rocks and biggest splash contests along with the requisite muddy shoes and hands!


Mary said...

Your words are inspiring, Liza. You nailed it. There are things to witness in this world and your family takes advantage of the opportunities. I'm glad you had martinis! What a celebration of the natural life. Your photos are great!!!!!

mon@rch said...

Those are 6 perfect reason's to be out camping! Wow, looks like you had some wonderful adventures!!

Lynne said...

I don't know what it is, but I LOVE watching kids throw rocks in water. They are drawn to it like magnets.

i love camping too!

LauraHinNJ said...

For some reason this makes me think of "RV" with Robin Williams - have you see it?

We had a pop-up camper growing up - I loved camping and really miss it.