Friday, February 2, 2007

End of the week

Gage Rocks Out!
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Friday is soccer night for the kids. We do indoor soccer in the winter as it rains so much here although this year I think we could have done outdoor without too much trouble . . . although it would have gotten too cold and too dark!

Soccer is from 5 to 6pm and when we're done the kids are starving! They work hard -- it's a weekly soccer clinic rather than a team. They are learning good skills and I suppose we'll have to put them to use in the future by having them play on a team at some point. I really hate the ugly side of team sports though so I'm not eager!

Often we decide to go next door and get pizza for dinner. We did so tonight. Greg let Gage listen to his iPod while we were waiting for the pizza. Here, Gage is rocking out to Crocodile Rock (oddly enough it was the Beach Boys version and not Elton John's . . . not sure what's up with that as we are way more EJ fans than BB fans).

Ruthie had a turn as well. Her favorite song, of late, is 1985 -- that song about a woman slightly younger than me reminiscing about her lost youth. Hilarious for an 8 year old with no clue to rock out to it . . . she doesn't know the bands and just says what she thinks they are. My favorite messed-up lyric is Matona for Madonna!

We had a good dinner and then came home to baths and relaxation.

Tomorrow we go see Ruby. Fingers are still crossed! I'll let you all know how it goes!


Susan Gets Native said...

I love the idea of a soccer clinic. They can learn all they need to know without all the team politics and BS screaming parents.
An 8 year old singing and loving that song cracks me up, too.
Someday she will REALLY get it. And let's hope that dear Ruthie doesn't have TOO much to regret when she looks back on her younger days.
Your kids are so cute. Ya did good.
Isn't it exciting to go meet a maybe-new-pet? I hope she is all that you wish for. Small dogs have their good points: Easy to cuddle, don't break your legs when they jump into your lap. And big dogs have their, too: They are fun to hug, they make a very large warm spot in bed, and there's the coolness factor of walking them and people saying, "wow! What a big dog!"
Good luck tomorrow!
(Ruby, be on your best behavior. These people are nice and you need to charm the pants off of them!)

Mary said...

I remember having Friday nights like that. Often, we would stop at Pizza Hut after a swim meet or pick up carry-out. If you can ignore stupid parents, organized sports is a lot of fun. My daughter played soccer for a few years and we had a great time. In every sport, there are always a number of parents that tend to ruin the fun. Good luck today! I hope Ruby is everything you are dreaming for...

Liza Lee Miller said...

We are encouraging the kids to have eclectic tastes. The next song Greg put on the iPod for Gage was Will Smith's rap song about his car being stolen. Gage loved it and looked up at one point in horror. He said (way too loudly because of the headphones) "He said a bad word!" I'm thinking Will Smith did? That's weird. Then Gage says, "He said, 'dumb'!" I cracked up -- pretty rough language for a rap song!

Thanks for the good wishes on the dog. Fingers are crossed here but I'm working to get my expectations down into the realm of reasonable. We'll see!

Mary -- I'd love to do swimming or diving with the kids. This summer we'll do swimming lessons again. Both kids are fish as my inlaws have a pool and we are there a couple of days a week in the summer. But, we haven't done lessons in two years so their actual swimming strokes have disappeared a bit. They could use the challenge of perfecting what they are doing. Our high school has a pool now (didn't when *I* went there) so swimming/diving is a good sport for them.

Mary said...


Swimming is the best sport, all around. The swimming athletes learn time management, team building skills, and self discipline over the years. It's a demanding competitive sport but produces the best overall students and athletes. I have met the greatest people through my 12 years in the sport and the greatest kids on earth. My daughter went to college on the swim team and had an immediate family of friends and a coach who looked after them, both personally and academically. Try the summer league - that will get them interested in competition. I want to post about my daughter and the sport soon, but I need to pull some photos from an old Gateway first...sigh... Sorry, I didn't mean to post on your blog! LOL!

Now we need to know how Ruby is doing!