Monday, February 26, 2007

Wish Lists

Cedar Waxwings
Originally uploaded by hearman.
Birders are great for making lists. It's undoubtedly one of the things that draws me to this hobby. I love lists. So, I suppose every birder has a wish list of birds they'd love to see. For some that list is a secret one in their hearts and others make lists on paper and make great efforts to turn their wish list birds into life list birds.

For me, these lovely birds are high on that list. I did not, of course, take this picture, as Cedar Waxwings are still on my wish list. I find that the website Flickr is more than just a great place to store my photos. I learn so much there -- it's a resource for information about birds, about photography, about crafting, about Rat Terriers. I have learned about what makes a good photograph by viewing good photographs. I learned to hold my pictures and photography to a higher standard by comparing my pictures to those of others. I have learned to use my camera by seeing what others with the same camera can do. I have learned that I am improving by reading the comments that others leave on my pictures.

My Birding Wish List isn't written out but there are some secret birds of my hear that I hope to move to my life list some day. Chief among them:

  • California Condor
  • Cedar Waxwing
  • Burrowing Owl
  • Eastern Bluebird
  • Green Jay

Cuban Tody
Originally uploaded by Fatasbanfum.
The most exotic bird I hope to see one day is this one --
Cuban Tody (Todus multicolor)

Although, I must say that the odds of my going to Cuba are exceedingly slim but I suppose that's what a Wish List is for. Holding out the hope that someday, I'll be in the right time and place to see that amazing little dollop of candy colored feathers.

So, what's on your Wish List?

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PS. For some reason the photo credits are not showing up as they should when I view this post. So, I want to make sure the photographers are given due credit.

Cedar Waxwings
Originally uploaded by hearman.

Cuban Tody
Originally uploaded by Fatasbanfum

Feel free to click the images to see them on Flickr and see more of the great photos by these photgraophers!


Mary said...


I had a wonderful week of Cedar Waxwings during Valentines week... They were incredibly beautiful and I was lucky to get great photos - other than my Bluebirds, they were probably the best I've captured.

Right now, however, I'd be happy with anything but the House Sparrows I saw on a grocery store parking lot today. LOL! I'm due for a good find.

You have seen so much. Keep looking.

sarala said...

I agree that I've learned a lot from Flickr. I'm finding out all these things about my home town, about nature photography and so on. For example that is one fabulous little bird, the Cuban tody. Right now all I get to see are house sparrows and cardinals. I need another lens if I want to take many bird shots anyway.

Susan Gets Native said...

Well, I just added Cuban Tody to my list! What a perfect little bird.
My wish list:
Real penguins (yeah, like I will be going to Antarctica in my life)
Golden eagle
Magnificent frigatebird
Calliope hummingbird
Harpy eagle
I am sure there are more, but those came to mind first

mon@rch said...

Flickr is an amazing place and I have learned alot about photography in there also! I just love that cuban tody little bird! So colorful looks almost like a stuff animal!

robin andrea said...

We have Cedar Waxwings here all summer long. They love our berries and fruit trees.

On my wish list: Painted Bunting, Snowy Owl, and Golden Eagle.

I've never checked out Flickr for birds. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

Lynne said...

I never thought to check out Flickr just to look around. I think that little Cuban Tody looks like a piece of Easter candy!! Too cute.

My list:
Golden Eagle
Tufted Titmouse
Gray Jay
Burrowing Owl
Acorn Woodpecker

BEG said...

Ha, now you made me go look up cedar waxwings. They're gorgeous, and it sounds like there'sa bit of a chance you could see them, though you seem to be a bit south of their summer range? Southern California certainly doesn't seem tobe in their range though ;-) I found an interesting tidbit about their colour it seems some of their new food sources have turned some of their yellow to gold:
You just never know what you'll bump into on the net.

BEG said...

Yellow to orange I meant to say, sorry!

Jody said...

Hi Sis,

I'm lucky enough to have a tree right outside my office window that is visited every winter by flocks of Cedar Waxwings. In fact, they probably made what was their final visit of the season just last week. So next December or January, you must come up for lunch and we'll just sit here and wait for them.

As far as Burrowing Owls go, there is a family of them at Shoreline Park that have made their home on both sides of what was my primary running path. So later this spring, you must come up and we'll do a serious bird walk. The park is a hotbed of birdy activity and one of my most favorite places to be.