Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Liza's Bird Photography Rules #3

Varied Thrush
Originally uploaded by egret's nest.
Gentle Readers,

When one takes a bad picture through a car window when one should have gotten out of the car and taken a better picture, one can salvage the situation by claiming the picture is artistic and that one wanted that effect. It's so much better than admitting to laziness!


In other news, Ruby is doing well. She's adjusting to life in our crazy home. She still finds the kids a trifle intimidating but, as you can see, is starting to see some benefit to them as well. I'm also glad to see her being a little naughty -- she is a puppy, after all. Today, she got toys out of their rooms and started chewing on them. Fortunately, I found her before any damage was done -- but she had gotten 5 stuffed dogs out of Ruthie's room and one from Gage's!

Ruby and Ruthie
My girls: Ruby and Ruthie!

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Mary said...

Your photography rules make me laugh. Glad to hear Ruby is enjoying herself!

Lynne said...

Sweet! Ruthie and Ruby! I look foreward to hearing how the kid/dog love bond grows.

mon@rch said...

Adding Rule #3 into my memory! :)

robin andrea said...

How did I not know that there are Varied Thrush in Santa Cruz? I never saw one until we moved to Washington. They are so beautiful. Nice artistic pic too!

Ruby looks like she's in very good and loving hands.

Susan Gets Native said...

That shot looks arty to me. What's the problem?

Ruby looks comfy. Glad she is adjusting. You know, soon she will be running the place, right?