Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Backyard Excitement

So, our backyard is virtually a clean slate now. Last weekend, Greg and I did two dump runs with trash and old plastic toys and the like. Monday, Greg pruned a ton of branches. Today, Denny came with a helper and they cleared the branches, redwood debris, and weeds from our backyard and side yard. Amazing!

A clean slate. Greg has designed the most wonderful landscape for us. I'm so excited. I'm researching native plants and planning to do as much of them as possible. Although there are non-natives that I can't live without and I have no problem with that. But, there are some GORGEOUS native plants so why not pick plants that LIKE to live here!

More as it develops. Next step . . . rototilling and trenching. Oh boy! The fun never ends!

Oh, and the happiest member of our extended family? Not Ruth. Not Gage. (Although they were thrilled to have ready access to their play structure again). Not the dogs (although they are similarly thrilled at the clear nature of the land. It's the g**d***ed gopher that has taken up residence. He's THRILLED and has already made several holes and allowed himself to be seen twice. Sigh. I refuse to give in to my Bill Murray side though. [click] I will NOT plant explosives in the backyard! I won't do it.

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Your Sis said...

Well that's exciting!! Congratulations on your impending backyard!