Sunday, July 2, 2006

Perfecting procrastination

I think I am mastering the art of procrastination. For years, I've procrastinated by playing, reading, resting, delaying. But now, I can procrastinate by working. Work can't be a bad thing, right? Working on the deck -- cleaning it off, sweeping it, hosing it down . . . that's all good, important work. Hooking up the new hose and giving the plants a good drink . . . that's important. They need it. Moving the table and putting the umbrella in it. That's all important work too. How can I possibly look back and decide that those things aren't important? They simply are.

So, I spent the day working and yet -- I did not get my main goal today accomplished. Since I don't want to do my schoolwork, I will find ways to avoid it.

In the hammock at my in-laws' this afternoon (okay, okay, hammock time is total procrastination, no two ways around that one!), I saw a Red Tailed Hawk acting most unusually. It was hot -- so maybe that was it. He was sitting in the top of a large pine, squawking repetedly. Over and over again, he was complaining about something. I saw him fly from one tall tree to another and sit and squawk. He was really getting into it -- wings out, whole body movements. An annoyed bird flew at him and then he headed off out of my line of site. Was he a young bird who was wondering why Mom wasn't bringing his dinner? I don't know but I enjoyed watching him.

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