Saturday, July 8, 2006

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggidy-jig

After a quick overnight trip of 320 miles one way, I am feeling remarkably rested. There is something wonderfully refreshing about changing your perspective so completely. I drove through the Bay Area, the Central Valley, the Sierra Nevada mountains, through two state capitals. I spent time with my kids alone, with my kids and my parents, just my mom, and finally, just myself. I listened to music and NPR. I had time to think deep thoughts.

I saw birds -- not as many as I'd have liked but some. I saw California quail in Nevada, about 20 Canada Geese in a wetland north of Carson City, crows, magpies, Great Egrets, and that's just what I identified. I didn't stop -- these were almost all 60 mph ids. It's the only way to bird!

And, now, I am home alone. It's quite odd, really. I am almost never home alone. It's quiet. The only sound is the fans humming -- it was 96 degrees when I got home today. Delightful (blech!). I am going to relax today and then get to work tomorrow. Schoolwork -- get the next 9 days planned out completely and then. Schoolwork. Schoolwork. Schoolwork.

And, of course, sitting by the phone, biting my fingernails, and eating chocolate, willing the phone to ring with a job offer from BCE. Like the old Mervyn's ads . . . "Open! Open! Open!" I'm thinking, "Ring! Ring! Ring!"

Any good energies focused in that direction will be gratefully appreciated!

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