Sunday, July 9, 2006

Productive Day!

I got up late this morning -- 9am. Wow! Then got a coffee and croissant for breakfast and got to work. I checked to see when a BIG assignment was due and . . . Friday. Yup. So, I cranked on it. Got it done and off to my advisor for approval by 3:30 pm.

So proud of myself. Another instance where I'm blessed by luck. It just as easily could have been due last Friday. My advisor is evidently very busy and didn't remind us about these or do a meeting to discuss them this time. So, no reminders. So, thanking my lucky stars on that one.

Being alone is fabulous. Greg is at his parents' right now waiting to be picked up and as glad as I'll be to see him, I'm strangely reluctant to go. But, he'll only be here one night and then he's off again. Going to be a weird and introspective week for me. Except of course for the insanity of dealing with Summer School. Gotta get that all organized tonight before bed. Wheeeeee!

Report from Mimi is that the kids are doing great. Playing with other kids -- Bonnie Tamblyn and her daughter, China Tamblyn are doing the art program this summer. My kids are playing with China's kids today. Bonnie's other daughter is Amber Tamblyn [click]. Bonnie and China are both musicians. I got to hear Bonnie sing two years ago -- it was awesome. Great folk music. The kids are going to have a BLAST!

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