Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Think good thoughts!

I finally got the phone call. Well, I worked the system and made it happen. No, not the job system. The great cosmic karma system. I knew that if I went shopping today and didn't get home until after 5pm, then the phonecall would have come through. But, if I came straight home from school . . . well, I'd be sitting staring at the phone again.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Anyway, I have to call tomorrow when school is over (yea, right, like I won't call at recess!). Hopefully, we'll schedule an interview SOON and I can get over this awful anxiety!

Well, I also had lunch with the new judge [click]! I'm so proud of her! We had a great lunch at The Crepe Place [click] in Santa Cruz. YUMMY! I had an aspargus and smoked salmon crepe. Utterly delish! (In fact, I'm finishing it now!) I got to her about how trying cases is going and she got to hear me whine about my little darlings in summer school. Good times!

I talked to my mom and the kids tonight. They are doing well. Art camp is "awesome" and "hard" depending on who you talk to. I'm not sure why Gage is finding it so hard. My mom says it's because he's taking it so seriously and thinking so much. I don't know. Ruthie is having a blast and totally looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning an 8 year old girl. Me, I'm not looking forward to waking up in an empty house tomorrow on Ruthie's 8th birthday. Still, we'll celebrate when she comes home. That way she can stretch it out a lot! I miss them.

Last night, I finally had my normal reaction to being home alone. I couldn't get to sleep. 1:30, I finally turned off the light and said, "To Hell with it, I'll just stare at the dark then." It eventually worked but took awhile. I did okay today but if the same thing happens tonight . . . won't be so good tomorrow!

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